30 Facts About Me

Hello readers,

For my first post, I thought I would give you a little insight to who I am. Plus it helps you to get to know me!

Fact 1 – I am 5 foot 6 inches tall.

Fact 2 – I work in retail.

Fact 3 – I have green eyes.

Fact 4 – My favourite films are The Blue Lagoon 1&2, Armageddon, Dirty Dancing, Ghost, and Song of the South.

Fact 5 – I like playing Sims.

Fact 6 – I love grapes.

Fact 7 – My birthday is in the summer.

Fact 8 – I hate being interrupted.

Fact 9 – My favourite video game is Harvest Moon.

Fact 10 – I have never been on a plane.

Fact 11 – I love romance films.

Fact 12 – I dyed my hair black.

Fact 13 – I believe in ghosts.

Fact 14 – I would love to do Aerial Silk.

Fact 15 – I am in a long term relationship.

Fact 16 – My favourite song is Aerosmith/Dont want to miss a thing.

Fact 17 – I absolutely love my hair being played with and my back stroked.

Fact 18 – Netflix is pretty much my best friend.

Fact 19 – My favourite Youtubers are SacconeJolys, Zoella, IlikeWeylie, Gabriella Lindley and Essie Button.

Fact 20 – I love tattoos.

Fact 21 – I dropped out of school and got myself a job.

Fact 22 – My ultimate childhood film is Space Jam.

Fact 23 – Stretch marks are my worst enemy.

Fact 24 – I love painting my nails.

Fact 25 – I love the sound of thunder and rain.

Fact 26 – Jumpers are perfection.

Fact 27 – I love a good horror film.

Fact 28 – I love the smell of candles but wont burn them.

Fact 29 – I cant cook.

Fact 30 – My star sign is Cancer.

Basically Innocent xo


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